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5 thoughts on “Will Today’s Senate Hearing Help End Gun Violence Against Women?

  1. Thanks for drawing these facts together. Best wishes in presenting this to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  2. The most important facts that call to question your implications are contained in this statement from your article: "Men are much more likely than women to buy, own and use small arms. They are also much more likely than women to become victims of gun homicide (82.6%) and to commit gun homicide (92.1%)." So men are most likely to kill and be killed, and most of the victims of male killers are not domestic female partners. Women are not often killed by strangers, but much more often by male partners. OK, but that doesn't prove that men are more likely to kill their female partners than women are to kill their male partners, does it? Each gender may have an identical or nearly identical risk of death by gun from his/her romantic partner. The big takeaway is that men are vastly more likely to be the perpetrators AND the victims of gun violence. Without more data (and some data from prior studies suggests actually WOMEN are more likely to kill their male partners with guns than men are likely to kill their female partners with guns), what you insinuate in your article is misleading.

    • Actually, the same study did look at both male and female shooters in incidents of domestic violence. Thirty-four percent of all women murdered were killed by a male intimate partner; only 2.5 percent of male murder victims were killed by a female intimate partner. Both statistics are tragic, and we need to do more to prevent gun violence at home.