The Facts About Solitary Confinement in California Prisons [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our new report on solitary confinement shows how the United States has shamefully become a world leader in the practice of holding people in isolation for prolonged periods — as much as 20 years or more.  More than 3,000 prisoners in California are held in high security isolation units known as “Security Housing Units.” Help us stop this practice by taking action.
solitary confinement california prisons

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2 thoughts on “The Facts About Solitary Confinement in California Prisons [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Solitary confinement is a needed criminal justice tool. Surely, some systems are abusing it, however the alternative would be incitement, violence and lives lost. We are not dealing here with boy/girl-scouts. We are dealing with violent offenders, hello!!!! Some may need seg in order to be shilelded from others for whatever reasons. The solution cannot entail taking this tool away.

    I surely hope that AIUSA employees can take some of these violent offenders home if by a fat chance the organization successfully persuades legislators to stop this practice.

  2. Hello Brothers: I would like to help to stop the torture of my brothers within the California Prison system. Please respond letting me know the kinds of things that I can do. I learned about said torture while reading the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper.