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12 thoughts on “How We Can Stop Gun Violence and Save Lives

  1. Almost all of the ammunition mentioned is used for legal hunting and sport shooting.

  2. Your presentation seems to support the NRA case: the world is a dangerous place. Arm yourself, defend your family. Leave change to the idealists. This is important. Please coordinate with the Brady Campaign. They have experience you need. And, btw, I don't think you can mix gun control globally with US reform. Apples and oranges.

  3. WOW. I never thought I'd see it on this page… but you guys impress me for going after our own govt. and the U.N. for arms dealing. I couldn't agree with this post more. I think those who read this will finally see that guns belong in the hands of our people and not world Governments and especially not the U.N. Hopefully now we can admit that our pro U.N. gov. is corrupt beyond repair and that both sides of the isle not only don't give a shit about us, but lie to our faces on a minute to minute basis.

  4. Thank you for making me a proud Amnesty member, Steven Hawkins. Again and again, we take on the touch issues, because that's what defending human rights means. Looking forward to seeing you in October in St. Louis. This comment is also for my brother and his family, who I hope someday will understand that I take the necessity of sound research and action on gun violence every bit as seriously as I take his union labor rights. In solidarity….

  5. Of course most human rights violations are committed with guns today. What a brilliant observation.. News flash, most of us drive to work in cars and don't ride horses anymore. How much did the study cost and how long did it take to figure out that guns replaced, rocks, spears, swords, bows and arrows, the cat of nine tails and pots of boiling oil? What you need to focus on is how to remove the hatred that people have for one another. A person with no hate can own a hundred guns yet never harm anyone. Guns are inanimate objects. They are neither good or evil. Guns do not cause crime or violence, they just happen to be the modern means in which an evil person carries out his evil intentions until something else better comes along. They are also the means by which a good person protects himself from an evil person intent on causing him harm.

    World history reveals, that when diplomacy, treaties, constitutions, politicians, and government leaders fail us, and all efforts to resolve differences, which normally is in the form of an oppressive government trampling on the rights of its citizens, then we as citizens are left with two choices. Live under tyranny or fight for freedom. Since the government you are fighting is armed, then the only way to fight them is with arms. That is how the United States became a country, which i'm sure you are all aware of. It is also why the 2nd Amendment was written into the Constitution. They knew what it was like to live under oppression and wanted to guarantee that when (not if) our government be came too powerful, and is operating outside the parameters set forth in the Constitution and we are denied our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution then as a last resort, we as citizens and believers in the Constitution as the best form of government that we can have to enjoy or God given rights, have an obligation and a duty to to overthrow the corrupt and illegal government and reestablish our Constitutional form of government.
    I never have quite understood, how some people think that mankind is different now than it was since Cain killed Able, (and without a gun by the way) and that somehow we are smarter than people in years past and that such travesties that have occurred and are occurring will not happen to us. If we were to adhere to the the Constitution, and it's principles, this would be less likely to happen, but in our wisdom we continue to get further and further away from the type of government that it intended. I certainly hope that we never reach that point in this country since we already know the carnage and human suffering that war brings, but we seem to forget that World War II was only 70 plus years ago which is not very long from a world history perspective.

    I do not subscribe to the U.N.'s wishes concerning gun ownership in this country Do whatever you want anywhere else, that's not for me to say. I live in a sovereign country and I abide by the laws and rights that it guarantees, and any elected leader in this country that would even consider taking this right away by entering into a U.N. treaty is in violation of their oath of office to uphold the Constitution of United States and should be impeached. They do not have any legal or moral authority to even consider this. It is not up for negotiation, and for any of them to think otherwise shows either their ignorance or utter contempt for the principles on which this country was founded.

    In a perfect world, none of us would need guns, nor would countries need to have armies and nuclear weapons, but recent history has shown that had we not had such overwhelming power in this country then the Cold War could have very easily not been so cold. The same principle applies to citizens and their governments. Just the fact that the government knows its citizens are armed helps to preserve our freedoms. If you value the other nine amendments, then you should value the 2nd Amendment since it is the one that keeps us from losing the rest. I am no more willing to give up this right than I would be for the U.S. to give up it's nuclear weapons. Most of the world hates us and would like to see this country destroyed along with it's principles. No one can deny that our military strength is the only thing that has kept this from happening so far. It matters not whether we like it, agree with it, or wish it were different, that is just reality.

  6. I think the above commentary misses the point — and, indeed, the mission and track record of Amnesty International's work. Yikes. At least we know what we're up against.

  7. Outstanding work, pointing out that Chicago, while having less population than NYC, as well as having some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, also has by far the most gun crime and gun deaths.

    As well, it's interesting that the fact that 75% of gun violence victims were Latino and black, and that youths under 25 make up almost 50% of homicide victims in Chicago. I would be interested to know what the nationalities of gun violence perpetrators are ( a percentage would be fine), and the age of the homicide perpetrators in Chicago (once again, a percentage would be fine here). I would imagine (but have no proof, and would love for you to provide the statistics) that the percentages of the statistics I've requested are probably very close to the statistics you gave in this article. As well, I'd recommend that you view the recent report commissioned by the CDC art the behest of our President on gun violence. The salient take-away points can be read here:

  8. Gun violence is becoming a common phenomenon in the world. If it cannot be sopped then we will have to suffer a long run. Amyway, it would be really a good idea to ban the bad people