BREAKING: Judge Issues Findings in Reggie Clemons Case


Judge Michael Manners, the Special Master reviewing the case of Reggie Clemons, has submitted his findings to the Missouri Supreme Court.

He finds that prosecutors suppressed evidence (a “Brady violation”) and writes that he believes the statement Reggie Clemons gave to police was coerced. He also writes that he does not believe that Clemons has established a “gateway claim of actual innocence.” It is a complex case, and serious allegations of misconduct by prosecutors and police appear to have been affirmed.

It is now up to the Missouri Supreme Court to determine the course of justice and rule on Judge Manners’ findings. That could take months. Given the deeply flawed nature of his trial, Amnesty International hopes that the state’s highest court will move to eliminate any possibility that Reggie Clemons might be executed.

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40 thoughts on “BREAKING: Judge Issues Findings in Reggie Clemons Case

  1. I hope justice is done and flaws in Reggie's case proven before it is too late. My thoughts are with Reggie and his family at this time. Thousands of people are rooting for him. We are with you Reggie! xx

    • The death penalty is state MURDER! Dangerous people, danger to themselves as well as to the society, should be kept at bay through imprisonment. But murder is murder= the taking away of life that they all received from our/their mothers who had carried the baby 9 months before he was born…
      Killing through the electric chair is unusual cruelty, quite barbaric in a "civilized" country! ALL LIFE is sacred.

  2. I continue to hope with all my heart that justice is served and Reggie will be free from the torture of this case. Jacqui

  3. I stand with you in getting a justice for Reggie and demand for action against the prosecutors for surpressing evidence.

  4. Too many innocents have been executed. My family members hearts go out to the families of those who are gone, as well as to those who have a family member on death row. While clearly capital punishment must be abolished as it is in the European Union, we also have too many others like Reggie Clemons who do not deserve the fate that all too often biased judges, juries, and over zealous prosecutors have unfairly and *illegally *condemned to death by the state. Bless all of those who continue to manifest for their fair and legal treatment, and the elimination of capital punishment.

  5. We are holding you in the light. The death penalty is barbaric, and puts us to shame. May you, and all other death row prisoners, be released from such a threat.


  7. Now that the Judge has weighed in and confirmed what others have presented, that the case has severe flaws, they must not execute this man. I too am thinking of Reggie and his family, what they have already endured, and hope no more terrible injustice is handed down upon them.

  8. Hi,
    This post is too brief for me even though I have read all the former posts and am a lawyer. Why did the judge not find that Clemon's had not established a "gateway claim of actual innocence," whatever that means in light of the his findings? Thanks! Keep up the effort to save this man!

    • Most likely because he pled the fifth many times in the hearing…to me his decision to do that was a good one…if he is granted a new trial anything he said in this hearing could be used against him even if he doesn't testify in a new trial…anything he said in the hearing could be taken out if context and if he doesn't take the stand her can't refute it and that testimony could force him to take the stand in a future trial which could be a bad idea…that's my opinion though

  9. The execution of Reggie Clemons would diminish us all! All executions are wrong–but this one most especially!

  10. Reggie, Where there is doubt, justice is being denied. I along with all other right thinking people hope and pray you get the justice you thoroughly deserve.

  11. A country in which is still in use the Death Penalty is not a civil country that respect the diricts of the persons, that is live. Nobody can dispose of the live of a person, only God.
    Anna Casu

  12. I pray daily for the abolition of the death penalty world-wide. I can't understand why a 'so-called' civilised country like America retains it in their prison system. I hope Reggie and his family will receive justice. I pray daily for this and that Reggie and his family may have courage and peace of mind during this ordeal. God bless you all. Dorothea Saul

  13. I would like to extend my heart felt best wishes to Reggie and his family.
    Thank you Amnesty USA for shining a light on this injustice before it was too late.

  14. The Death Penalty is simply murder by bureaucracy and politics. A human's rights as well as decency in dealing with life should never be taken away, by dressing death penalties up as justice. Too many innocent individuals have been murdered by governments because of dishonesty of those in authority or politicians looking to make a name for themselves by "winning" a case. But murder sanctioned by officials whether against innocent or guilty persons is never permissible.

    Sr. Renee Brinker

  15. Reggie you and your family are in my prayers. Please don't ever give up hope.

    Johana M Gibbs

  16. When will our government come to its senses? I am sometimes in despair over this, but will take this opportunity to pray for Reggie, his family and all others similarly situated, as well as for ordinary murder victims. And cheers for Amnesty.

  17. I am a Presbyterian minster retired and have taken a strong stand against the death penalty. It should never be applied. Don't give up hope. Rev. David D. Cockcroft. Bronx NY

  18. Responding to Amnesty's Christmas Card 2012 appeal, I wrote to Reggie, and have since started a correspondence with him. I am deeply moved by his spiritual approach to his terrible life, which rises above the appalling hypocrisy of the American "land of the free" propaganda. I suggest the USA becomes the "Democratic People's Republic of America", to enable us to properly pigeon-hole this pseudo-fascist state.

  19. I do no not want to thnk that we still punish people and their friends and families by taking away their lives. But I am aware that we still have a long way to go on this issue and this is why i take every opportunity to let my voice be heard – stop this terrible happening now!

  20. My condolences Vera, for your son. I do not support the death penalty, but I find it inconceivable that people can affectionately refer to a multiple murder with a nickname. Reginald killed two girls, he should be in prison for the rest of his life. Two girls who were adamant supporters of amnesty international, who spoke out for peace and equality. Even while she spoke out, in the place where she inscribed her message, they raped and murdered her. I am very sympathetic with the situation which produced this tragedy and ultimately to ameliorate it, justice must be done.

  21. Any honest description of the Special Master's Report would acknowledge that 99% of the substance of the Report supports the complete and total guilt of Reggie Clemons as a double rapist and murderer. The suppression of evidence aspect was minor and the Special Master made clear that he didn't think it had any bearing on Clemons' guilt or basic fairness of his trial whatsoever.

    The worst thing about the death penalty is that it encourages organizations like Amnesty International to cynically transform cold-blooded killers into heroes and victims–at the expense of the real victims and their families. There are principled arguments to be made against the death penalty–but not by trying to obscure the clear facts of what happened in a case of a cold-blooded killer who raped and murdered–ironically–two beautiful and idealistic young women who were social justice advocates and volunteers for…..Amnesty International.

    Please try to rediscover your moral compasses, folks.

  22. The support for this murderer is shocking and breathtaking. He killed two young innocent women in cold blood – raping, beating and forcing them to jump into a river. Their lives were forever stolen from them at this man's hands. They were forever silenced. He viciously took their lives from them. How any of you can be supportive of this man frightens me. He lost his right to live in society when he snuffed the life out of these young girls. The support here is a grave injustice towards those young girls – they did not deserve what Reggie did to them then – and they do not deserve the support you are giving him now. When you write to Reggie's mom – what do you write to Julie and Robin's mom? A women who lost forever her daughters at the hands of this man. Where is the justice for Julie and Robin? Where is the support for their mother? These girls mother was denied the ability to plead for her daughters to be spared. That decision was made for her by this very man you want to assist and comfort. He stole the right to life from two people and in doing so he forfeited his rights. They will never be offered the option to argue for their freedom – so why should society and especially this organization offer the same courtesy to "Reggie"????

  23. Is there any news? We have heard nothing for a long time. [On behalf of Amnesty in Salisbury UK]

  24. I continue to follow this story awaiting justice and the end of the life of Reggie. While the death penalty may be barbaric, it is far more humaine than the way he and his thug friends killed two innocent teenagers. I am waiting for a justice to be served so my taxes can be spent on improving society, instead of housing people who do not belong in society.