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6 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Three Years After the Uprising, Stand #WithSyria

  1. I must be very naive. I thought the U.N. was founded after the 2nd World War, modelled on the earlier League of Nations. The intent, I was taught, was to prevent atrocities like those that happened in Europe and Asia from ever being allowed to happen again. The U. N. was supposed to be the place where any country, or its people, could come and ask for help if they were being persecuted in any way, either from without or within. What went wrong?! Why is it so ineffectual? Why is it structured so that one nation can hold the entire body hostage and helpless? Surely we can all agree on what constitutes inhumanity, however it manifests, and surely we can agree on what cannot be tolerated? If such a blatant example as the current obscenity happening in Syria doesn't fit the definition of inhumanity, worthy of intervention by the U.N. , then nothing does, and we might as well disband the U.N. and send everybody home. I know every country tries to protect their own interests, and each is afraid to allow a precedent which could come back to haunt it at some future date, but if we can't even agree that starving children and bombing hospitals and refugee camps is not acceptable, EVER, then what's the point? Let's just admit we're all still savages and give up!!

  2. If we spent as much money helping hungry children and adults as we do in U.S. political elections, perhaps war and hunger would disappear…. Isn't it worth a try???

  3. Who remembers Rawanda? Do we really wish to look like harbingers of evil again? to step up and take action against the Dictator and his evil army and followers. If we don't we may as well begin the mass burials of the oppressed in Syria..

  4. As an Israeli Syria is unfortunately an enemy.
    However when I read in Israeli newspapers the horrors that take place there I read it as a mom and as a wife, as a human being. The suffering, torture and abuse, how kids are being denied of their childhood in the cruelest way is horrible!
    I read it and cry in sadness and anger asking myself where is the world? Why is it so silent?
    This is a hollucust.
    Something must be done to save those kids, women and men.
    The world must take action.