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6 thoughts on “6 Ways Turkish Authorities Are Cracking Down on Dissent

  1. Yes, thank you for being the voice of so many oppressed and therefore extremely frustrated people. It derives any sane citizen to watch her government officials constantly lie, cheat, intimidate, terrorize, brutalize a nation; and then, justify all of this as a defense against terrorism, or, more outrageously, as the protection of "democracy". The level of corruption and injustice has reached to an unimaginable level. Unless international human rights organizations like Amnesty International get involved, there seems to be nothing that can stop this administration.

  2. I support your cause! I'm sorry I can't do more from where I am, but I'm keeping up to date on everything you do and I think you are great.

  3. I had a friend there and he said that things are not like they are shown on the press and people are peaceful. Well, I don't know what to believe now anymore.

  4. Horrible! I can't believe in these days I'm still seeing such images. I thought by this year we would be living in a civilized world….with rights.