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3 thoughts on “The Illegal Practice That Generates $44 Billion a Year For Perpetrators

  1. To me corporations will do anything for a profit, they will exploit people and not care about what happens they are not effected. To me this is no different then slavery. It will continue until the law is enforced or a new law is made with no lope holes. This just breaks my heart.

  2. Governments need to crack down on the employers. Employers must be fined huge sums of money for having slaves and for hiring forced labor. Employers must be independently audited to ensure they are actually paying everyone a minimum wage. Employers will not be honest on their own. Governments must oversee and force them to do the correct thing for the workers. The employers should be put in prison if the audits show that they have confiscated documents from their slaves. The employers punishments must be very harsh or they will not obey. I am so sorry that this is happening.