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2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Victims of Haiti’s Earthquake

  1. Despite this dire situation, it is not in the nature of Haitians to give up…“resilience and dignity,” are the perfect words to describe the people of Haiti.

    Rome was not built in one day and with its history of stagnant development, corruption, and poverty, compounded with the devastating earthquake; I believe Haiti’s current administration has made SOME progress in providing housing (better some than none). Nevertheless, it seems the administration severely lacks the will to provide safe permanent housing to IDPs.

    While working in Haiti last summer at Groupe d’Appui Aux Rapatriés et Réfugiés(GARR), my colleagues and I personally investigated a forced expulsion at Camp Bristout in Peguy Ville, Port-au-Prince. Speaking with victims and recording their ordeal compels you to lend a hand to ameliorate their situation. Although Haiti has the highest number of NGO’s on the ground working toward change, without a government that stands strong and firm behind the protection of human rights for its entire people, I fear that that Haiti’s perpetual situation will remain as it is.

    Check out my collaborated report on a forced expulsion at Camp Bristout:… (French version)

  2. i normally never write on internet ….i just want to tell my story . I survived the tsunami of 2004 and kept on travelling a lot . Like this i had the idea of going on travelling in Haiti as a single woman just like i travelled by hitchiking true Africa. Now ,it's true that Haïti has the most ngo's active but after going four times to Haïti up to now i REALLY wander what they do . Haïti is worse than even what i saw in Africa and two,three years after tsunami everything was build up again . I have been on the places of the eartquake and people still live in plastic build kind of tents ….i wander were all the money went that was send to them to help them !!!! After tsunami people get temporally houses of wood . Why the haitians didn't ? On my trip you see the ngo's travelling in welthy cars and the helpers staying in the most expensive hotels why?? Is that the way of helping ?? I saw a big villa with a very nice swimmingpool and on the entrance the nice name Oxfam . Concratiulations ! When you travel true Haiti people don't like you to take a picture of them , and they explained me that it is because they always think it's a worker of an ngo and they think that like this you make money out of there misery !! I wander if this trauma really comes if they had the feeling ngo's really help them . I'm just a stupid traveller and maybe i see it wrong but something is reallly wrong in the way of helping . And than the way Dominican Republic is doing with the haitians(Amnesty International is needed !!) ! most of haitian try to find work in DR but they hate them and use them as slaves .Because they cannot get working visa they don't have much choose , but in there country it's worse , so they have to survive in a country that hate and abuse them even killing them for no reason .(watch on you tube the violance of haitian in DR or the hanging in Santiago) I can only say to tourist go travelling in Haïti like this you support the Haitians to , you need to eat , you need transport and so on and you help them straigth , you know were your money is going . Haïti is travelling a bit like true Africa ,not so easy but it's possible and believe me SAVE , i did this as a woman and you can find nice places there to ! I saw a painting on a waterfall in haiti with a face of a woman crying and above here head the remains of the eartquake and the orecane and under the face letters of ngo's with clearly names on it . I asked the painter why did you paint this ? And he said ' this is what makes haiti cry ' I said the above i can understand but the ngo's i cannot and he answered me ' that's bissness …..Haïti is REALLY suffering STIILL ! And the Dominicans have no right to have all those tourist if everybody knows how they threat the haitian refuges in there country